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We love kids! They matter to God and they matter to us. We believe that children are a blessing from the Lord. They are our future. Scripture describes children the in hands of their parents like arrows. Our desire is to come alongside you and aid in the shaping of your arrows. 



We have a few options for our Freedom babies. When you visit, you will find a nursing room for you to use just beyond the check-in kiosk. Feel free to come and go as you please, or leave your little one napping in the crib and we will come and get you when they wake up. We also have a room just for our babies where they will be loved on as if they are our own. You can leave plenty of instructions and we will come and get you if your little one is missing you. Or, feel free to hang out in the baby room until your little one is comfortable being left.


For your busy toddlers, we have a class designed just for them. In their class, they will love playing with their teacher and the other kids. You can drop them off at the beginning of the service or during--whatever serves your little one best. Your toddler will be taught a short lesson, given lots of playtime and love, and a snack.



If you have children in pre-k, we have a class just for them. This class is designed to keep them busy and learning. They switch from one activity to the next, keeping them happy and the time passing quickly. While they are in their class with our loving volunteers, they will enjoy several activities including: lesson time, music, playtime, outside time, an art activity, and snack.


The big kids. If you have kids in this age range, you know that they are growing fast. They are maturing, yes, but still have a shorten attention span. We invite these kids to enjoy worship with their family and then after the offering they can enjoy KIDS CHURCH. They gather together in our Fellowship Hall for a teaching time. Our goal is for them to have fun, yet grow in their faith. We teach Biblical principles and stories in a way that they can grasp at their age and apply in their lives. It is amazing to see them light up as God pricks their heart. Some of our favorite times with these kids is hearing their heart's cry during prayer time or when one accepts Jesus as Lord.

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