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Dear Freedom Fellowship family,

I’m writing you to give you the exciting news that we will be meeting in our church building again beginning Sunday, May 17! 

Throughout this time, I have been praying, along with the elders of our church and others, that the Lord would lead us regarding how to walk through these times. My main concern has been for the health and safety of everyone in the church. We chose to be in subjection to the governing authorities (Romans 13:1, Titus 3:1, 1 Peter 2:13) in order to ensure that. We have done our part as a Church in trying to help curtail this virus. We have applied 2 Corinthians 8:21, “For we are taking pains to do what is right, not only in the eyes of the Lord, but also in the eyes of man.”

We are resuming our church gatherings Sunday, May 17th, and we are excited about it! Our church facility is ready for you. Our governor has lifted the lid on our gathering, and our Orange County Mayor changed his mind, after be confronted by Liberty Council, and now does not hold us to having a low number of people gathering.

You can rest assured that much has been considered to prepare for your return, let me share with you our re-entry plan:

Sunday, May 17th: Those who feel comfortable attending our Sunday morning service are asked to arrive at 9:45AM so I can have some time before starting our service at 10am to go over a few important items. 

No judgement: We realize that some may not feel ready or safe to come back to a large group gathering. This is an individual choice and decision and we will not judge you if you are not ready to come back right away. Be led of the Lord for you and your family. We will continue to livestream our services and are ready for you whenever you are ready to come back!

Sanitation/cleaning: We are meeting with the chief sanitizing expert, Robert Taylor, that works with a lot of Florida hospitals, doctor’s offices, and construction companies on state-of-the-art sanitizing processes. He is walking through our entire facilities, and will tell us exactly what to do, how to do it, and which chemicals to use to totally sanitize and kill any COVID-19 virus. Prior to the 17th, the entire facilities will be totally cleaned and sanitized, and each week thereafter. All doors will be open, so no one has to touch the handles. Our coffee station will not be open initially or water fountains. Bathrooms, chairs, and all surfaces will be cleaned and sanitized. The sanctuary has all rows of chairs 6 feet apart. Families will initially be asked to sit together, with 3 empty chairs between families, as a safety measure to build comfort for all. All of this and more is designed for your safety and comfort so you can press into and enjoy worshiping the Lord!

Safety protocol: Hand sanitizer will be available for your use. Masks are not required, but if you are more comfortable wearing one and you already have one, please bring your own. If you prefer to wear a mask but do not have one, some will be available for you. Always try to honor social distancing guidelines.

High-risk: If you are in a high-risk category, we understand that you may feel more comfortable not coming right away. If you would like a home visit, please let me know. 

Illness: If you are symptomatic, have a fever, or feel ill in any way, please stay home. We want to be considerate of others. If you find yourself ill, please let me know so we can pray for you.

Offerings: We will not be passing around an offering plate for our tithes and offerings. Instead, you can participate in the tithe and offering worship by dropping your offering in baskets around the auditorium. We do so appreciate and need the faithfulness of those who have given throughout this time of separation. As a result of your giving, no church ministries have suffered! Remember that you can also give online HERE or by mailing a check to the church office at 5631 Gilliam Road, Orlando, Florida 32818. 

Nursery and Kids Church: We will not be resuming nursery or Kids Church right away. We look forward to starting that back up at the right time, and we will let you know when. All children will stay with their parents throughout the whole service. We are learning all we can, as fast as we can, to reopen these ministries soon and safely. (In a webinar I had with 1,000 Florida pastors, nearly all were putting a hold on opening nurseries and Kids Churches, until best practices could be understood and implemented.)

Youth: Our Youth will resume meeting at the church facility on Wednesday, May 20. As noted above, the facility will be totally sanitized prior to that meeting. After the Youth meetings, and before the following Sunday each week, our facility will be again totally cleaned and sanitized. So, we are cleaning and sanitizing twice a week. Our youth leaders will be reaching out to our families to discuss the protocols that will be in place for their services. 

I feel an urgent direction of the Spirit of God in several specific areas that will serve as a roadmap for us going forward. The Church is not only essential, but it’s vital as never before in our world. We are called to rise to the occasion. All through the “pandemic,” I have been feeling strongly that the Church’s vital role in these end times is being revealed. There will be adversity and all manner of things to overcome, but that’s when God’s true Church, the body of Christ shines its brightest and God manifests His glory.

Finally, thank you for your flexibility as we walk through these unusual times. Thank you for all the encouragement you have given us in our online services and other ways we have ministered to the body over the last two months. It is our honor, as elders and your other leaders, to serve you, as unto the Lord. I believe His revelation and power is going to be moving into high gear in the months ahead, and I am so glad to be running this race with each of you!

Looking forward to seeing you soon!

Pastor Pat & Sheila
Pastor Stan & Belinda and Pastor Adam & Angela

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